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A Guide To Preparing Your Home For Winter

As winter approaches, you may be considering roofing services to prepare your home for the elements. Winter can be hard on roofs. Storms, extreme temperatures, and an increased strain on the thermal efficiency of your property are all issues they must face each year. That’s why it’s important to prepare your house for the harshest seasons in order to keep yourself warm, dry and protect your finances from avoidable damages.  

Read on for our guide on preparing your home for winter, to help you get ahead of the weather.

The Effects Of Winter On Your Roof 

Winter brings with it heavy rain, gale-force winds, frozen temperatures, and higher heating bills. These are all considerations you as a homeowner must take into account when preparing for the season.  

Snow, hail, and ice can weigh down or damage your roof. What’s more, they can create an entry for moisture if you’ve left vulnerable points unaddressed. Heavy winds can also have this effect as loose features like tiles and fascias can be damaged if not repaired before the winter months.  

Another factor to consider is the thermal efficiency of your home. Heating bills rise during the colder months and your roof plays a part in the cost of those bills. A roof with faulty insulation is one that bleeds heat from your home, making it more expensive to keep warm.  

Look out for the following signs of a faulty roof. Should you find any, make sure to contact a professional roofing service to prepare it for winter.

New roofing work

Leaks And Condensation 

Two of the most important signs to look out for are leaks and unusual amounts of condensation. These vulnerabilities worsen with the winter months and, if gone unaddressed, could result in more severe damage during weather events.  

Loose Slates And Tiles 

Loose tiles act as entry points for moisture and wind. Rain can damage the interior of your home fast, resulting in severe damage. What’s more, wind can worsen loose points in your roof, opening a gap further and damaging your property. This risks the safety of those in proximity and the integrity of your home.  


We recommend assessing the condition of your roofing insulation before winter arrives. Your home’s ability to retain heat directly affects your energy bills, and your roof is a particularly vulnerable point for heat loss. If you don’t feel confident assessing this yourself, then we advise using a roofing service to visit your home and do it for you. 


Rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels are also affected by the winter. They’ll be looking for a good place to bunker down during the colder months. If they nest in your roof, then they may jeopardise electricals and insulation components in the process. Checking for excrement and existing damage to the usual spots in your roof space is advisable to help deter pests.  

Choose Rees Brothers For Reliable Roofing Services 

If you’re looking for an expert roofing service that understands the importance of maintaining your home for the winter months, then get in touch with Rees Brothers. We’re certified, accredited by the FMB, and ready to consult with you over any concerns you may have regarding the condition of your roof.  


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